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FD3S FlexFiber SS1 Front Bumper

$280.00 - $1,377.00

Mazda RX-7 1992-2002 FD3S SS1 FlexFiber Front Bumper

The SS1 front bumper can improve the performance of your FD in terms of aerodynamic and mechanical efficiencies. The physical design of this front bumper helps reduce the drag force in the front. With the addition of the custom canards, the increase in down force at both ends of the front bumper causes a noticeable improvement in control during high speed cornering. By installing the custom undertray, the lift force underneath the front bumper is greatly minimized to provide a more stable acceleration.

The SS1 front bumper kit includes SS1 FlexFiber front bumper, Carbon Fiber canards, and undertray.

Brief Introduction on our special FlexFiber Material:

We are an experienced RX-7 Parts specialist and developer, and we offer many parts exclusively for RX-7.
Our FlexFiber material offers extra flexibility and durability while also maintaining similar strength as regular FRP. This special material property makes it ideal for auto body parts. The extra flexibility gives it the ability to absorb a bigger impact while also provide a better fitment. If you take your car to autocross, track racing, daily driving, or even show car, you will find our FlexFiber material ideal for your application.

All parts are hand crafted with top quality materials. We always test fit and quality check our sample parts before we release our products in order to guarantee the quality and fitment.

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Disclaimer: All products of JKL Racing Engineering are designed and intended for off-road and/or racing purposes only. JKL Racing Engineering holds no liability and responsibility for damages caused by improper application and use of any products. All parts should be installed by trained professionals. All aero/body parts produced by JKL Racing Engineering are hand crafted so please understand that it is hardly possible to reach 100% perfection on every product because minor imperfections are inevitable and can be easily fixed during paint preparation process.