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FD3S SV-1 Hood/Bonnet

$750.00 Sold Out!

Mazda RX-7 1992-2002 FD3S SV-1 Hood/Bonnet

This hood provides an ultimate level of cooling power with multiple large size vents. With this hood installed, the heat in the engine bay is no longer an issue even for serious racing applications. Besides the performance benefits, this hood also adds a stylish design to the body of your FD. The design of this hood perfectly blends into the overall curvature of the car.

This hood comes with two rain guards to cover the under side of the large vents during rainy/snowy weather conditions.

The hood is hand crafted with high quality FRP or Carbon Fiber material with reinforced back side supporting structure to increase the overall strength.

Shipping is $200 to all continental US addresses. For all European customers, please contact our European Distribution for inquiries. For other international shipping quotes, please contact us directly. Thank you very much!

Disclaimer: All products of JKL Racing Engineering are designed and intended for off-road and/or racing purposes only. JKL Racing Engineering holds no liability and responsibility for damages caused by improper application and use of any products. All parts should be installed by trained professionals. All aero/body parts produced by JKL Racing Engineering are hand crafted so please understand that it is hardly possible to reach 100% perfection on every product because minor imperfections are inevitable and can be easily fixed during paint preparation process.